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Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the movie.

27 Jul

So if you are just reading this post because of the awkwardly long title I believe you really need to watch this Charlie Kaufman gem called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. And if you have seen the movie but are curious about the following part then check out the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece here!

And if you really understood both parts of the title, then needless to say, you are really awesome! And awesome was exactly how I felt when I saw both of these movies.

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind has such a beautiful plot that its hard to not love it. Who wouldn’t want to erase off people who aren’t worth being in our memory? But does that make much sense? Is it a completely flawed argument?

This confusion made me a Jack D. Ripper of sorts. Made me lose my mind wondering what purpose would erasing someone completely serve. Assuming this person is your love interest, lets say from work. Its all a pain, the love has gone, it hurts etc etc. So now you go ahead and erase them from your memory. Next time if you ever come across them, they are going to be an entirely new person to you, and then chances of you falling from them is really high i suppose. And some time later, shit falls apart the way it happened before and then what do you do? Erase them again? Have fun repeating that expensive procedure for the rest of your life. Or else find a new job, in a new city without having any clue why you want to find a new job in a new city(that idea is a part of your memory of that person and hence you wont remember it anyway, get it?).

It just seems like a sweet deal for the memory erasers for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately I had no Hydrogen Bomb to be deployed over Russia to release this tension of mine so I stopped thinking about it.  And as much as I stopped thinking about it the more I started to forget the movie and the thoughts that followed. Until recently when I saw the movie again and well…it all happened just the same way I predicted about erasing memory.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders.”

And till I forget this again, Hydrogen Bomb, anyone?

from behind the veils of perception

23 Jul

William Blake was a really smart man, there’s no arguing on that! So when he goes around saying

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.

you cant really disagree can you? I must admit I never cared much for the guy and i really heard this quote through Jim Morrison. Well whatever, it sounded cool when the guy said it! You always need a smart guy and a cool guy to make a quote and get it famous (I really need a cool guy or a marketing agent to get this blog more views, no seriously!).

So I had this really important work somewhere and unfortunately I had to walk there. And what i didn’t know was that I had to walk 4-5 kilometers and this walk was from the backward parts of the city. I felt like I was walking through The Narrows.

It took me an hour to cover the distance, yes using GPS and not asking people can make one slow but in my defense i was scared of  being mugged. What followed was me walking around following my GPS and observing each and every moving thing around me. This observation slowly transformed from fear to intrigue. What first stuck my fancy through a series of clichéd events(if it weren’t, this post would have been longer) was that they were so…ordinary! yes that’s the word. And I had never thought of that before, that these people could be ordinary. Poor, yes..but ordinary. Just like any one of us.

It was at this moment that I stopped thinking about being mugged and started observing more at this poverty struck reflection of ordinary society. It was fascinating to observe a low budget replica( i kinda like using film related terms, sorry) of your average day. Take off all the money and our life would be exactly as theirs, is what I felt.

And all that made me think any different was my perception, a perception inculcated in me by those around me, by my daily influences. I never cared to question it, after all its a known fact that the scum of the society comes from the poor, right? Maybe yes. I don’t know. But what I saw that day, weren’t the scum of the society. They were family men, friends, mothers, sisters, workers etc.

So now when I hear the William Blake quote, I think about the walk I took. It used to sound cool to me, but now it makes sense. But the biggest thing out of all this, a little bit of personal gain has been that, I have learned to avoid the veil of perception and see things for myself. I feel a better person. Its a simple story, with a greater impact. I like that. Simplicity can be greatly effective.

PS: If I had been mugged or stabbed that day, this would have been a completely different post!

Nolan, the Illusionist.

22 Jul

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you better not read this(bookmark now, read later…read anyways).

So there ends the Dark Knight legend.  As said, now AD needs to be replaced by LANB(Life after Nolan’s Batman). And now sadness looms over the whole world as we all know it wont be the same ever again. The world was enthralled by one of the finest superhero movie experience ever. Nolan as we all know, never fails to deliver.

I have been a huge Nolan fan ever since I saw his first movie  Following and how I was blown away at the sheer brilliance of the plot and the ingenious direction. And this marvelous piece of cinema was to be followed by some other great work which doesn’t even need mentioning. If you didn’t know them, you wouldn’t be reading this anyways.

But then came the Dark Knight series and then came the Illusion. Batman Begins was one of the most fabulous piece of cinema I had ever seen. But it was to be followed by The Dark Knight which I believe marks the beginning of Nolan, the Illusionist. The Dark Knight gave us thrills and made us love the Joker like never before. His vision was unparalleled and his genius was unquestioned. But what made The Dark Knight the movie it is known to be was the scintillating performance by Heath Ledger. This wasn’t his best piece of direction though. His body of work had set a much higher standard.

Following it was The Inception. An interesting plot, highly engaging too but the number of flaws in the plot was hard to believe considering it came from Nolan. And why did those audience need to view it multiple times to understand the plot? I will never know. But yes, as long as I was inside the Cinemas i was enjoying it, every moment. And when I gave it a thought later, I realized the plot was too much flawed. Although I must say, I do appreciate Nolan for making me feel I was seeing one of the greatest films ever. But sadly I wasnt.

And so we come to The Dark Knight Rises, I was enthralled. It was a brilliant cinematic experience again. Much superior to Inception. I was overjoyed to see the epic conclusion but as the illusion wore off i wondered, could he have directed it better. Certainly, yes. Could he have given bane a better death? yes. Or did he die at all? Could he have ended Talia Al Ghul in a better way, maybe. It wasn’t the best death scene ever anyways. Did he handle the Bane-Talia-Death Well plot nice enough, i dont think so. But his illusion did work. The movie experience was magical. And I shall forever love The Dark Knight Trilogy.

All I hope for now is that the next Nolan Movie be a real movie and not an Illusion. After all Nolan as we all know, never fails to deliver.

PS: If the entire city of Gotham was sealed from the rest of the world how did Bruce Wayne just come back effortlessly? Sneaky Bastard.