The exec side..or the dark side of the force!

1 Aug

Yes the execs, and all such similar creatures. They are one bad evolutionary branch of the human species. I personally believe that this species forms more supervillians than genius scientists pushed over the edge. Yes these include your everyday PROs, your HRs and other such people who like to recruit, fire, make deals and act like Donald Trump. sad.

But the one interesting hobby that this species has is to not attend to people. Yes, that’s something they consider fun.  Yes these descendants of Darth Vader(my personal belief is that he might have laid roots for the management course), they ask you to mail them, call them, contact them and they sit back and enjoy.

Everytime I am made to contact one of “them”, I imagine a group of those people, sitting together and looking at some giant screen and laughing at the desperation with which I am trying to contact them. I had to once call an HR for some work related purpose, yes funny looking back at it now. They picked up and said they were redirecting me to the HR, and they did, and the phone rang and rang and rang and rang forever. Okay so I get it, you are busy, but isn’t it easier to just say no rather than have a room filled with many telephones that you never pick up! I should get one such room if I start a company.

If that humiliation at the hands of these modern day Sith Lords weren’t enough, I had another encounter with a much smoother and more brutal HR. Yes these kinds can get worse. One of these species had heard of my work and and was eager to work with me and asked one of our mutual contacts to ask me to send them my resume! Oh yes, they indirectly approached me for work. And yes I did send them my resume. Now just so we are clear and I have a damn good resume for someone my profile, I shit you not. So they replied immediately the next day saying unfortunately they had no work for me at the moment. I mean do they sit around and come up with cruel ways to torture those who dont have an MBA degree?

Refusing in understandable, ignoring is bad and approaching and refusing and then ignoring afterwards is evil. Getting in touch with them is like convincing a religious guy that his religion isn’t the true one. Its like asking a politician to do something     nice. Or maybe like asking Michael Bay to make a sensible movie. Yes its not going to happen.

As the great man Alfred once said, “Some people just want to see they world burn”. And when they suck at it, they get an MBA degree.

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