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13 Aug

Disclaimer: This is totally my opinion, others can disagree. please do not send death threats or anthrax.

So The Bourne Legacy has released worldwide. I am yet to see it. And I can not wait. I was really unsure how good this movie might turn out to be, considering this was to be directed by Tony Gilroy and not Paul Greengrass. I mean, how many people can create the tension and confusion that Paul Greengrass creates. And Tony Gilroy for an action movie? His best movie till now was Micheal Clayton. Him making a Bourne movie seemed weird!

And so a few days back, I had gone to see Total Recall (crap movie!). There I got to see the new trailer for The Bourne Legacy which did make me feel Tony Gilroy might pull it off. It was fascinating. And Jeremy Renner seemed to do justice to the role.

I couldn’t accept it if the movie goes horribly wrong. This is simply one of my all time favorite franchises. Imagine James Bond left all alone without any backing from MI6, so super-awesome weapons, no money. Can he survive the way Jason Bourne does? Its hard to believe he will. Sean Connery might survive, coz he’s awesome. But fan boy stuff apart, hard to imagine so. Also Jason Bourne after going through all the traumas that he went through, maintains the psychological integrity that even Rambo couldn’t maintain. How cool is that eh?

I was thrilled when I first read Robert Ludlum‘s Bourne Identity. Yes i read the book before watching the movie and was confused for the most part of the movie since I couldn’t find Carlos anywhere. But nevertheless, I loved the movie. Trust me, those books are a must read for every bourne  fan. Although the Legacy part is not from the book.

If the next movie goes horribly wrong I am sure that there are many who would like to go medieval on Tony Gilroy’s ass. But till I see it, I am just gonna hope for it to turn out good!